Hi! my name is Twenty aka TwoZero, I'm a music producer, composer, remixer and songwriter. I was born in Milan, Italy, and I began my career at a young age, when my passion for creating music got me discover and learn some basic music composing software, and started producing my own tracks and many local artists' mixtapes and demos. At the age of 19 I met the Dj and producer Edos and, pushed by the desire to improve my skills and knowledge, I decided to approach EDM for the first time, and started a project together, which resulted in a single track "EYL", released in 2013. At the same time I continued working on myself, exploring every aspect of modern music, trying to build my own sound and personality. In February 2013 I released my first production on Beatport, remixing Gantcho's original track "You Know I Can Be Superhero". In September 2015 I graduated in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Milano. Currently I'm publishing original tracks, remixes and productions on different labels, as well as on my own “Masterlights Records” (founded in the late 2013).